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What's included?

Once you get yourself to helicopter staging we will take care of the rest. Staging is located 45mins west of Golden. The trip price includes your helicopter transport, all your food, accomodation, a chef, and two certified ACMG guides for the week.

What kind of backcountry skills training do I need?

An AST course is reccomended but not required. You can check out AvCan for providers.

Is there a risk to backcountry touring?

Yes. Backcountry skiing is inherently danerous. We operate in an uncontrolled remote environment. Our waivers are in place so that you understand this. These waivers are availble for pre-reading on our documents page.

What do I need to bring?

At a minimum you need to bring you ski equipment (ski suit, backpack, boots, skis or snowboards, poles), avalanche safety equipment and clothing for inside the lodge. A more in depth packing list will be provided with your welcome package.

What if I need to do important business in the backcountry?

We have no internet connection available and no cell service. We carry satellite communications devices for emergency use. Unfortunately, if the NASDAQ can’t wait this may be a tricky trip for you.

I have allergies!

We can do our best to cater to food allergies, however, all food is prepared in the lodge and we can not guarantee that cross-contamination will not occur.

Why is your refund policy so specific?

Due to the international events of 2020, we have had to alter our refund policies. Any government mandated shutdowns will result in a full refund less an admin fee of 10%.

Do I need trip cancellation insurance?

Yes, all clients must actively carry travel insurance. Those that choose not to use a travel insurance policy will be financially responsible for the costs of the trip if they are unable to attend.

I have 5 GoPros, an iPad, a cell phone, and an e-reader, can I charge them?

We have one hour per day of generator time allocated for devices. If this seems like an insufficient amount of charging time, please bring your own source of charging. Be cognisant of weight limits.

Is there a shower?

No, we use the sauna for that purpose. Do not worry it's actually really neat. We heat up the water on a wood stove and shower while in the coziness of the sauna. Rinse off and its time for dinner.

Is there running water?

No. We haul water, as a group, with the help of our custodian, from a close by lake to the lodge.

Is there actually no cell service?

For real, no cell service!

COVID... ????

Check out our updated COVID-19 Policy.

How do you organise your groups?

We work really hard to make sure like minded people end up on trips with other like minded people. We are aware that the demographics and interests of a group can make or break a trip.

I am not an experienced backcountry rider, is this the trip for me?

Don't worry we get asked this quetion a lot. We try to encourange people to be strong powder riders. This means knee deep powder is not new to you. We expect that you would be able to rip a full powder day at the resort. Our goal is to make you feel safe in the backcountry while having the vacation of a life time. We bring two guides on all our hut trips. This allows us to set expectations for the day based on the group that we have. It also gives us the option of having mutliple objectives that appeal to varrying levels of skill and ability on any given day. In regards to avalanche safety, we encourage that our clients take an AST course. Not only for our trips but to help you become educated in the best practices for backcountry use. We provide in depth, avalanche safety training, transciever practice, and gear orientation on day one.

Where can I get equipment rentals?

We use Higher Gorund Sports for all of our rental needs. Visit our partners page for all your gear needs: Click here for partners.

How much am I expected to ski each day?

This will vary based on group ability and conditions. We like to set expectation average of 1000m and around 8-10km of travel per day. This may seem daunting to some of you, however, our guides are there to make it an awesome and enjoyable experience.

How does payment work?

We require: 50% as a depost 50% 60 days beofre departure We accept Visa, Mastercard, as well as electronic bank transfers (for Canadian clients only). ** Due to the nature of the current international climate we understand our clients apprehension regarding commitment to a trip of this sort. Please get in touch, if you have any payment related concerns. **

What does a normal day on one of your trips look like?

7 AM-ish : Coffee 8 AM : Breakfast 9 AM : Boots on and out the door 4 PM : Apres 7 PM : Dinner