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Golden Powder Guiding – COVID 19 response plan

Updated September 2021

As we all know at this point our environment is in a constant state of flux. We are at the mercy of our provincial leaders, and the direction they provide. It is with this in mind that we want to thank all of our clients for understanding that what is written  as of September may make no sense by November.



Before you book:

You must be aware that we cannot eliminate the risk of COVID-19 transmission during your time with us. Physical distancing cannot be adhered to as per provincial standards while living at a backcountry lodge. You should also acknowledge the possibility of an asymptomatic carrier being a part of one of our programs. We need to move forward into this season knowing that these risks are part of our new normal.


Pre-trip wellness:


No guest shall be permitted to participate in our programs without proof of vaccination. 


We ask all guests to make a large effort to avoid all unnecessary social interactions before the trips. This may be something as simple as not going for that coffee with a friend, or choosing not to attend the large family gathering before you come to join us.


Lodge life:

Lodges inherently provide close quarter living. We will do our best to ensure that we work together to keep the lodge clean. However, we must assume the risks associated with the inability to effectively social distance for longer periods of time.


Transfer Days:


Masks will be mandatory for all staff and guests for the entirety of our time at staging. No unnecessary touching of bags and gear will be done by our clients. All staging related loading and unloading will be done by trained staff. We will provide product to perform a thorough clean of ourselves and luggage before we enter the lodge, which will have been deep cleaned before our arrival.




We can offer a partial refund to all guests due to a government-mandated shutdown. This also applies to the cancellation of our trip due to the participants of previous trips causing the closure of a given lodge due to mandatory cleaning.


Our no refund policy still applies for all other reasons for guests being unable to make this trip. We advise all guests to purchase travel insurance to cover them against non-COVID-related cancellations.

COVID related Cancellation:


Each client will fill out a declaration of health on the first day of your trip. If you are experiencing COVID related symptoms, or, have been told immediately before your trip to isolate for the 14-day period currently mandated by the government, you will not be permitted to join us on. Due to the nature of this trip, the pre-paid fixed costs and the tight margins, we can not offer full refunds. We commit to helping you to fill your spot. In the case that we can not fill your spot, we will refund you all variable costs. This will be directly related to airfare, food and beverage costs. These costs differ between trips and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


We advise all clients to make greater efforts in the weeks leading up to your trip to follow your provincially suggested guidelines. 



Provincial information:


For up to date information on the current provincial government guidelines for British Columbia please click here.

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