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  • 2024
    Meadow - Jan 26 - Feb 2 Cost: $3499 CAD Spots Available: FULL Guides:TBD Sunrise - Feb 23 - March 1 Cost: $3499 CAD Spots Available: FULL Guides: TBD
  • 2025
    Sunrise Lodge - Jan 24 - 31 Cost: TBD Spots Available: FULL Meadow Lodge - Feb 28 - Mar 7 Cost: TBD Spots Available: FULL
  • 2026
    Meadow Lodge - Jan 30 - Feb 6 Cost: TBD Spots Available: 12 Sentry Lodge - March 6-13 Cost: TBD Spots Available: 14
  • 2027
    Lodge Cost: Spots Available: Guides: Lodge: Cost: Spots Available: Guides:
  • Lodge Descriptions
    Meadow Lodge Meadow Lodge famous for it’s pillow lines right below the hut is also the launching pad to some of the steepest and longest runs in the Esplanades. There are numerous, long north and south facing runs that leave great options for various snow conditions. A short hike to Paradise Ridge is the access point for some of the Esplanades best west facing runs. From here you’re treated to incredible views of Mt. Sir Sandford which at an elevation of 11,545 ft or 3519 meters is the highest mountain in the entire Selkirk Range. Sunrise Lodge Sunrise Lodge is the OG of GAH for a reason. It’s the southern gateway of the Esplanade and offers stunning views of the Rockies to the west and the Purcells to the south. A short hike to Paradise Ridge rewards you with amazing views in all directions. Sunrise is the first lodge to receive morning light making morning coffee even better with easily the best outhouse views you can ask for! With limited cell coverage it’s the perfect ratio of staying connected but not too connected. The terrain offers everything, great alpine and tree skiing on all aspects makes it the perfect place to get great skiing in all weather conditions. Sentry Lodge Built in 2012, Sentry is an elegantly simple and sustainable new era backcountry alpine lodge designed to inspire. The lodge gets a lot of the attention but the terrain around Sentry is truly what makes it special. Great treesking right below the hut, short walks to epic pillow zones made famous in numerous ski movies. Or head out the back of the hut into Secret Valley for endless alpine runs on varying aspects. There are lots of great natural circuits that check all the boxes for what a backcountry ski trip should be. Check out the Sentry Webcam for current conditions. Icefall Lodge Icefall Lodge is situated at treeline with living room views of one of the most spectacular, rugged sections of the Canadian Rockies. It consists of two separate lodges and a sauna building. The new lodge is a bright, roomy, three story building with log posts and much of the lumber milled on site. The original building provides additional bedrooms and a separate living room. The lodge is the perfect location for ski touring, with tree runs out the front door and a 4000-foot alpine run ending at the back door! In the winter, big mountains, deep snow and long runs are what Icefall is known for. Icefall Lodge is situated in a rugged corner of the Rockies 70 km north of Golden BC. Winter access is only possible by helicopter. You will not see or hear anybody else during your visit; no helicopters, no snowmobiles, just the group that you flew in with. With over 10 times the terrain of Whistler Blackcomb, there is terrain to suit all abilities. To access this huge area, Icefall has built two satellite huts a day’s travel from Icefall Lodge. The Lyell Hut is built on a rock outcrop and is completely surrounded by glaciers. The Mons Hut sits at the toe of the Mons Glacier, with a 2500-foot north-facing glacier run right out the front door. From big mountains and huge vertical relief to glaciers and seracs and icefalls to powder and trees and bowls, Icefall Lodge has it all.
  • Dollars and cents
    Dollars + cents The total cost for the trips are as listed in CAD above, prices listed do not include taxes. ​ Fee schedule Initial payment of at least 25% is required to hold a spot on one of our trips. The remainder can be set up as multiple payments. The total amount due varies depending on destination, this ranges from 120 days - 90 days before trip departure. ​ *** These trips are non-refundable, please make yourself familiar with our cancellation and refund policies before committing ***

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